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Whispering Clouds by kal0193 Whispering Clouds :iconkal0193:kal0193 1 0
Somewhere 14
Ansa paced.
4 walls.
always four walls.
With a roof.
Wouldn’t want the clipped wings bird to fly away, now would we?

But a window. Her fingers touched the window. She had a window now. Pressing every finger against the glass, she spreads out her hands. I want to go outside. I want to go outside so badly.
Didn’t they understand? Didn’t he understand? Didn’t anyone understand?
Her fingers curled away from the taunt of freedom. He put the window here to mock me. That I’ll never be free. That always be trapped here by his family.
I hate him. I hate Gareth. I hate everything about him and his family.
Knees buckling, she leaned against the wall. She was his family. My uncle kidnapped me. Held me captive. Slaughtered my home, my village, my family. His son. His grandson. So many. Years. Gone. Deaths. Friends. Lost.
‘Her power is a curse! Not a blessing! Do you call living forever a good thing!?’
Ansa’s feet lead her to her desk. An
:iconkal0193:kal0193 0 0
My Rain
The woman tilted her head back. Her long elegant neck was exposed, vulnerable, as her eyes closed as soft sweet gasp expanding her lungs. Water dripped down her white face, soaking her brown hair to black and ran along her dry, cracked lips. Her black eyelashes brushed against her pink cheeks as they slipped closed. The rain caressed her skin as she let it erase all the cruel words, all the hurt, all the pain and just lived.
In the moment.
What could  possible be wrong with a girl standing in the rain?
:iconkal0193:kal0193 0 6
Painting the Sky by kal0193 Painting the Sky :iconkal0193:kal0193 2 0
Somewhere 13
“NO!” her mother screamed, was screaming, couldn't stop the scream. The nightmare had finally come true. The soldier were dragging away her baby girl.
"MOMMY!" Ansa cried, weeping, fear, confusion, all over her face. What was happening? What was happening?
Her mother ran after them. “Don’t touch her!” Flashing, blinding panic. Her hand struck out at one of the soldiers without even thinking. The man's eyes were like a black hole of rage, sucking everything in their path. "How dare you?" He raised his head and struck the little girl's face.
“STOP! NO! Don’t hurt her! No! Please!” her mother’s screams and screams and screams and tears flow down her face as people grab her arms and held them behind her back. “Please!” The soldier that she hit, then struck her across the face so hard that even with people holding her up, that she struggled to remain standing. But then, the ground met her face. They had let go. Momentarily
:iconkal0193:kal0193 1 4
RomanoXReaderXEngland 4
Come back to Me
**Romano’s Pov**

I ran my hands through my hair as I paced in my room. THAT couldn’t have gone any worse then it did. Why did that pathetic whiner baby bastard have to be there? He just HAD to be there and RUIN everything! It was ALL his fault!
____ would have... ____ was going to listen to me when she opened the door. I could tell.  I remembered the spark of hope that flared into a full out fire of hope then turned into a wild raging fire of anger when that bastard came up from behind her.
Why, why, why, why, WHY?!?!?!
Maybe... maybe I shouldn’t have punched him... But he was being so damn annoying! And being rude to ____! She deserved better then that dumby!
“Bonjour! It is me! Francis to save the day!” he threw open the door and walked into the room.
Romano already regretted calling him when he heard the annoying France's voice. He watched him stride into the room with a ease and confidence that greatly annoyed Lovino even
:iconkal0193:kal0193 5 6
Somewhere 13
“NO!” her mother screamed, was screaming, couldn't stop the scream. The nightmare had finally come true. The soldier were dragging away her baby girl.
"MOMMY!" Ansa cried, weeping, fear, confusion, all over her face. What was happening? What was happening?
Her mother ran after them. “Don’t touch her!” Flashing, blinding panic. Her hand struck out at one of the soldiers without even thinking. The man's eyes were like a black hole of rage, sucking everything in their path. "How dare you?" He raised his head and struck the little girl's face.
“STOP! NO! Don’t hurt her! No! Please!” her mother’s screams and screams and screams and tears flow down her face as people grab her arms and held them behind her back. “Please!” The soldier that she hit, then struck her across the face so hard that even with people holding her up, that she struggled to remain standing. But then, the ground met her face. They had let go. Momentarily
:iconkal0193:kal0193 0 6
You love to watch me break
:iconkal0193:kal0193 0 6
Somewhere 12
A slapping hand struck Gareth’s cheek, causing him to jerk back in absolute shock. The surprised look in his eyes quickly turned to anger. “What was that for?” he demanded. He yelled. He shouted. “Why did you hit me? Why did you strike me?” yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling.
She curled back. “I don't like you that way.” Why wasn’t she yelling? Why was she whispering? Why couldn’t she yell? She wanted to yell. Yell. Yell. Yell. Yell back at him. YELL.
Hurt, hurt, hurting, hurting, hurt on his face, hurt in his eyes, his body, hurt, hurt, hurt. He ran out of the room. The door Crashed. Banged. Smashed. Whacked. Boomed. Whammed. Cracked. Slammed closed closed closed closed closed.
Now she yelled. Screamed. Cried. Howled. Shrieked. Wailed.
“You can leave!
You can leave this room!
You can leave this house!
You can leave!
You are free!
You can go outside!
You can breath in the fresh air!
You can see other people!
Speak wit
:iconkal0193:kal0193 2 4
Somewhere 11
Their howls are sending chills down my spine
And time is running out now
They're coming down the hills from behind

The thousands of scents from the city overflowed Adair’s wolf nose as it flared. Swallowing a growl, he followed Gabriel through the crowd. There was a collar around his neck that was connected to a leash. Adair had to swallow his pride to go along with this plan. They had toned down his wolf features (don’t ask him how) and he was now pretending to be a dog. Gabriel had came up with this idea, and even though Adair hadn’t liked it, he had to admit it was a smart idea.
Adair licked his lips when he got a strong whiff of beef from one of the restaurants. With a rumbling stomach, he tried to shift his attention back to the task at hand... but he was so hungry. This reminded him of the night of the full moon... two weeks ago... The fierce power of it. The moon screaming at him. Blood. Meat. Food. His eyes closed briefly. It had been worst then normal.
:iconkal0193:kal0193 1 3
Who's there?
:iconkal0193:kal0193 4 5
Somewhere 10
The chaos that followed after Ryu showed up... was the worst thing you could imagine. The burning fire that surrounded the terrified people, Ansa was sure, was from hell. The flames licked up their homes, their food, everything the little town worked so hard to achieve. Years and years of labour was gone in a matter of minutes.
The screams of a hundred people could be heard as powers and normals ran for their lives. Her father had told her to run away with her mother and she had... but she came back. She refused to leave him to defend for himself, even though she knew full well, with his power, he could easily survive. But Ansa's thought were not clear. The fire, the smoke, the ash, the horror had entered her mind, allowing no rational thought to enter.
Hacking, she drove deeper into the smoke, the sparks for the fire burning her bare skin. The smell of burnt flesh made her want to gag or turn tail and run but she had to find her father; had to make sure he was ok.
A growling shout
:iconkal0193:kal0193 1 9
Somewhere 9
The two men studied each other as they sat on opposite ends of the long glass table; Gareth, who was at the head, and Savio, who was at the base.
Savio was an interesting man but wasn't questioned for his had plenty of power. He was wealthy and held the third highest seat in 'They City's' government which meant many people would kiss his feet in hopes he would do something for them in return. This man was cocky, proud, sure and always had a little smirk on his face as if he knew something you didn't. With his black hair, dark eyes and pale white skin, he was also would be quite a looker if it weren't for the black top hat he always seemed to be wearing and the black mustache above his upper lip. He couldn't be more than 30 but there it was.
Gareth moved his brown bang back -a nervous habit- then folded his hands neatly in front of him on the table. "Who do I owe for this... unexpected visit?" He eyed the other man's fancy suit and tie.
An amused chuckle came from Savio then he smiled h
:iconkal0193:kal0193 1 5
Always be with you
They will always be with you,
                 haunting you,
                                    tormenting you,
making you wish
                                you had done something differently,
                                                                                          then maybe they would still
:iconkal0193:kal0193 5 4
Somewhere 8
It's in your eyes
What's on your mind
I fear your smile and the promise inside

"Gabriel..." the harsh whisper and the shaking was the first thing that woke him up so stinken early. "Gabriel... wake up, you idiot..." He blinked open his eyes to see Adair leaning over him, the sun shining behind his head.
Morning already? "Wha-" Gabriel started to ask, sleepily, but Adair clasped a hand over his mouth, silencing him instantly.
"Be. Quiet." Adair hissed between his teeth then shifted into a wolf. Gabriel tried, he honestly did, to be quiet as he slowly sat up and got to half stand half crouch position. He was just getting in a better comfortable position, not really see what the great big deal was when a big loud noise went-
The gunshot surprised him so badly that he let out a girly squeak (embarrassing to say the least) and fell backwards onto his butt. It took him a few seconds to realize that the gun hadn't even been aimed at them- that the bullet hadn't even come near the
:iconkal0193:kal0193 1 13
Somewhere 7
It's the fear,
The fear of the dark
It's growing inside of me

"Welcome to the 10 Ceremony everyone!" The friendly man grinned. He was, I guess you could call, the mayor of their little town. His power or "gift" as he liked to call them, was the ability to sense what power you had. That is why he created this ceremony in the first place. Age ten is the latest your power comes. If you didn't have it by then that means you wouldn't be getting it. Benigno (or Bingo as everyone called him) clapped his hands together, looking at 20 or so kids that had lined up alphabetically already. He knew them all by name, the sweet kids. He enjoyed this yearly ceremony.
Ansa waved at her best friend, Haluk the nature-lover, and he gave her his charming smile. Even at his age, he could swoon a heart. He was a cute one.
Ansa's eyes sparked with amusement. He was before her (his last name was Bai; hers was Paris). When Bingo got to Haluk, he took his hand in his and closed his eyes for a moment
:iconkal0193:kal0193 1 12

Random Favourites

Smaug Sketch by VegasMike Smaug Sketch :iconvegasmike:VegasMike 845 31
Commission : Itachi x OC - First Date
Itachi waited in a restaurant for Shisui, because he had set up a blind date for him. Itachi was just hoping that it wasn't anyone annoying ... a look of pure surprise appeared on his face when Shizako came into view, blushing fiercely. He stood up as she came over to his table
"Itachi ..." She breathed
"What are you doing here?" He asked, confused
"H-huh? Shisui told me you wanted to go on a date with me" She said
He frowned and sighed
"Honestly, one of these days ... I am going to kill him ..." He said
She giggled
"Oh well ... I guess I can deal with this. At least it's with someone I know and respect" He said, sitting down again
"You ... respect me?" She asked, joining him
"Of course I do. You're a fellow Leaf Shinobi ... but you're also one of my dearest friends" He said, smiling
"And I love you ..." He thought
"Th-that's so sweet!" She breathed, placing her hands over her heart
She noticed his facial expression change and she tilted her head to one side
"Is ... somet
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 14 12
Werewolf!EnglandxReader- Call Me What You May- P4
Werewolf!EnglandxReader- Call Me What You May- P4
-Your POV-
You woke Monday morning like usual, and got completely ready for school.
After you stuffed your keys into your hoodie pocket, you went downstairs and opened the door.
When you did, you were surprised as heck.
On the porch was a ton of stuff, including candy, flowers, and one of those insanly huge teddy bears.
I wonder who did this...
You were sure that someone put it on your porch instead of somebody else's, but you didn't want to throw the stuff out so you brang it all inside.
You left the gift on your kitchen table, and left for school, wondering if someone actually meant it for you.
-England's POV-
England was antsy all weekend for Monday.
This was the day that he would know if _____ liked him or not.
He really hoped that you read the note that he placed ontop of your gift.
England couldn't sit still through the entire day, because he was thinking of you.
~Time skip~
-Your POV-
You sighed.
While you left for lunch i
:iconkatrucha:Katrucha 258 536
England X Reader: We will always be together...
      "I'm tired of your crap Arthur!"
                "__ please let me explain"
            "Another explanation!? i bet it's a lie again! you're always the same ..."
                 "Please __..."
              "No! It's over now Arthur..."

          Arthur was the first guy I fell inlove with, but I kinda regretted that I loved him
             Even we broke up, he's still saying that he
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 191 141
Christmas Phoenix Style by SamuelDesigns Christmas Phoenix Style :iconsamueldesigns:SamuelDesigns 31 11 Flying Predator by Kay-Wan Flying Predator :iconkay-wan:Kay-Wan 1,027 104
Drunk England X Reader
"I don't know if he loves me, Elizaveta" you frowned as you buried your face into your best friend's couch cushion.
"What do you mean? The other day you were saying stuff like 'I know he loves me' and 'He has too'" she sighed as she placed a hot chocolate down in front of you.
"Yeah but today saw him chatting a tart up..." you scowled at the memory.
"Really? Arthur?" She asked as she looked at you sceptically.
"Well... he was doing it with his eyes..." you reasoned as you sipped your hot chocolate.
"With his eyes?" she asked laughing a little.
"C'mon, ______, you know Arthur loves you... he's just waiting for the right time to pounce and make you his." She joked.
"But how can I be sure, I'm starting to doubt the signs." You moaned.
Elizaveta thought for a moment before smiling from ear to ear, "You should get him drunk."
Your eyes grew wide in shock, "that's not a good idea, I remember Alfred telling me that Arthur isn't a good drunk, he can't hold his liquor."
"What are you talking ab
:icondemon-dust333:Demon-Dust333 274 84
Seeing him again
What should I do if I see him again? If our path crossed once again.
Should I be happy?
Should I be sad?
Should I cry a litre of tears?
Should I laugh for falling for him?
Should I be mad at myself?
Will my chest hurt again?
Will the time stop once more if I look in his eyes?
I tried to forget about him after all these years, I really did!
I tried loving someone else but it felt like it wasn't right.
My mind forgot about him but a piece of myself and my heart wasn't able to move on.
I thought it was a merely obsession but it wasn't!
What should I do? Tell me!
Now that he is standing a feet away from me, why is he wearing a surprised look on his face filled with mixed emotions?
Why is my feet rooted in this spot while he is walking towards me?
Why can't my eyes leave his?
Will he still remember me after all these years even if it's only my name?
Should I forgive him for befriending me and suddenly disappearing?
No! Don't come any closer! But my voice won't come out.
He called my name. I
:iconmitzka:Mitzka 1,642 172
Dark Phoenix by joseelizondo Dark Phoenix :iconjoseelizondo:joseelizondo 102 12
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me the tragedy
Of us all
A family torn apart,
Loved ones lost forever, never to return
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Show me the feelings
Of us all
Flashes of gray
And a heart, broken in half
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me the crime
Of us all
People rioting
Fighting over meaningless issues
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me the history
Of us all
A soldier, bloodied and tainted,
Trucking through blood covered ground.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me a place
That is safe for us all
Bountiful fields
A utopia of peace and love
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me the hope
Of us all
Children, their eyes filled with innocence
Run and play throughout the land
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me the hero
That's within us all
A figure walking
Gives a dollar to a struggling man
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Show me the ones
We've all lost
Elderly, with tears in their eyes
And families being reunited
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Show me the wants
Of us all
Beautiful w
:iconoilux:Oilux 118 31
1:12 Scale Steak and Fries by fairchildart 1:12 Scale Steak and Fries :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 6,788 1,242 Merunes Illusionist by phoenixlu Merunes Illusionist :iconphoenixlu:phoenixlu 8,335 261
She is
To say you drove him insane was and understatement. You were loud and opinionated, you were unorganized and sloppy, you were extremely stubborn and to sum you up you were pretty much a mixture of his brother Gilbert and that annoying American Alfred. To top it all off and make it worse you had somehow wedged your way into his heart.  As much as he couldn't believe it, Ludwig Beilschmidt had fallen in love with you.  Despite your lack of rules and your ability to sneak Feliciano out of training, your carefree nature had always made him warm, and even though your opinion was always voiced it was never in your own interest, you were only ever worrying about others. You were that little spark of fun to his strictly run life and he had decided that tonight he would let you know that.

Little hands ran along the shiny green fabric caressing every wrinkle. You were nervous to say the least. You had been invited to dinner by the one man that was infamous for dislikin
:iconlittle-lyrebird:Little-Lyrebird 80 32
Scorpix in color by SolarisInk Scorpix in color :iconsolarisink:SolarisInk 16 6 Colorful World by Mikeinel Colorful World :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 9,791 523



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